Bird Control Pest Control

What is bird control?


Bird Control Pest Control

Birds can present lots of hazards for homes. The necessity for controlling birds is paramount for homeowners seeking to protect their investment. The bottom line is due to nesting and other types of bird activity, your home can see serious depreciation if you fail to control the bird population.

What are their habits?

Birds are especially keen to live near good sources of food and water. If your home allows them proper shelter to put a nest, you can find birds in inconvenient places such as chimneys. The bottom line is birds are intelligent, resourceful creatures so if you allow them to take up residence in an inconvenient place, getting them out can be problematic.

What is their life cycle?

Birds can live for the better part of a decade and will lay more than a few dozen eggs in their lifetime. When birds have successfully nested, they are often aggressive in protecting their nest because of the inherent value of the eggs or young birds in the nest.

What damages and diseases do they bring the household?

Birds bring a wide variety of diseases including different types of parasites and other small insects like ticks and fleas. Furthermore, bird infestation can cause serious damage to roof or eave structures. Controlling your home and making it less appealing to the birds is critical, so contact the professionals at Safe Home pest Control today!