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Termites And Their Habits.

Termites spend their time feeding voraciously on timber. They are divided into workers and soldiers, and the only… >>> Continue Reading

Fleas And Their Habits..

Fleas are relatively straightforward. Their goal is simply to find a host and literally suck the blood out of the… >>> Continue Reading

Silverfish And Their Habits.

Silverfish slither along walls and are nocturnal, so it’s normal to see the damage to pages in books or other… >>> Continue Reading

Cockroaches And Their Habits.

Cockroaches are foul, disgusting insects that feed omnivorously and nocturnally. If there’s any… >>> Continue Reading

Wasps And Their Habits.

Wasps will literally build their nests everywhere and anywhere. They are incredibly protective of their nests and… >>> Continue Reading

Ticks And Their Habits.

Ticks, similar to fleas, are parasites that feed on the blood of living hosts. The most famous type of tick is the… >>> Continue Reading

Ants And Their Habits..

Ants are divided into size classes, and as stated above, are diligent workers. The goal of ants is building the colony… >>> Continue Reading

Rodents And Their Habits.

Rodents, especially mice and rats, are nocturnal. They have exceptional senses of smell and are extremely… >>> Continue Reading

Bed Bugs And Their Habits.

Bed bugs are parasites, they bite and feed on humans in an attempt to get blood so that they can sustain… >>> Continue Reading

Spiders And Their Habits.

Most spiders serve the purpose of controlling the smaller insect population, however the red back spider… >>> Continue Reading

Birds And Their Habits.

Birds are especially keen to live near good sources of food and water. If your home allows them proper shelter… >>> Continue Reading

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