Fleas Pest Control

What are fleas?


Flea Pest Control

Fleas are external parasites with special abilities to pierce the skin of animals and humans in order to feast upon the blood of the host. Fleas are a major nuisance for people and pets, especially in Sydney. These small insects can easily infest a house and bring disease and distress to your animals and yourself.

What are their habits?

Fleas are relatively straightforward. Their goal is simply to find a host and literally suck the blood out of the host. This is how they survive – no more, no less. Fleas are not as structurally destructive as other insects such as termites, rather they need a living host in order to survive.

What is their life cycle?

Fleas live 30-90 days, but in that time period can lay up to 5000 eggs! The bottom line is unless you stop fleas early, the problem can spiral out of control quickly simply due to numbers. Once fleas find a host, you could be looking at tens of thousands of flea eggs on a single pet or person.

What damages and diseases do they bring to the household?

Fleas can carry blood-borne pathogens that can harm animals and humans alike. Especially dogs and cats can get heart worms from fleas. This can be extremely costly to treat. Generally, flea shampoo and various flea medications will take care of the problem, but why handle the problem when it is in your house when you can handle the problem BEFORE it invades?  Contact safe home pest control today!