Spiders Pest Control

What are spiders?


Redback Spider Pest Control

Most spiders serve the purpose of controlling the smaller insect population, however the red back spider, funnel-web spider, and the huntsman spider are particular nuisances because of their venomous bites

What are their habits?

These particular venomous spiders crave areas that are secluded but are aggressive when protecting their webs and their egg sacs. It is suggested that before putting on clothes, gloves, or hats that you give a thorough shake to prevent the horrible surprise of a venomous bite. In fact, the redback spider is responsible for more venomous attacks in Australia than any other animal.

What is their life cycle?

Each spider has different life cycles, but the bottom line is that

these spiders can reproduce quickly. The Red back spider in particular has the ability to lay up to 10 different egg sacs, all within a three-week period between egg sacs.

What damages and diseases do they bring to the household?

Because these are venomous spiders, it is critical that you keep children and pets away. Adults generally respond well to antivenin but dogs and cats are less likely to respond well. Children are also unpredictable in their response, but thanks to modern technology the prognosis is much better. If you think you may have a venomous spider in your house then the best option is calling the professionals at Safe Home Pest Control to rid your home of these spiders and get the spider prevention your family needs to be safe!