Cockroaches Pest Control

What are cockroaches?


Cockroaches Pest Control

There is an old saying – the only things that will survive a nuclear war are Cher and the cockroach. The German variety is especially notable because it is a hardy survivor. The bottom line – if you get infested with cockroach, good luck getting rid of them on your own. Roaches just keep coming, and there’s precious little you can do if you are not a trained exterminator.

What are their habits?

Cockroaches are foul, disgusting insects that feed omnivorously and nocturnally. If there’s any food – or food residue, they will find it. Once they get in, they are difficult to get rid of simply due to their persistent nature.

What is their life cycle?

The roach grows from an egg to a full-sized adult in less than 60 days. They have an extremely active life cycle and live roughly 6-9 months whereby they produce hundreds of eggs. This rapid life cycle is the single biggest reason that cockroaches are so difficult to eradicate unless you are a trained professional.

What damages and diseases do they bring to the household?

Cockroaches are one of the insects associated with the plague, and because they feed on nearly anything and everything, can be a particular nuisance in the food service industry or nursing homes. Cockroaches can carry diseases like salmonella and contaminate food. Roaches are not to be dealt with lightly here in Sydney so the smart thing to do is if you find a roach, give us a call at Safe Home Pest Control so that roaches are a problem of the past.