Rodents Pest Control

What are rodents?


Rodents pest control

Rodents can be any type of mouse, rat, or squirrel. These animals can get into the smallest crack and build extensive nests within a home. They are decidedly invasive and can cause massive injury to people and damage to a home.

What are their habits?

Rodents, especially mice and rats, are nocturnal. They have exceptional senses of smell and are extremely intelligent, which makes trapping them quite difficult. They are attracted to any and all types of food, this is why food storage is especially important in urban areas as it attracts all sorts of critters.

What is their life cycle?

Rodents are mammals, meaning they give birth. In theory, they can have several litters and over a 100 offspring over a lifetime. Rodents can live for years, so if a home is infested getting rid of the nests is often quite difficult.

What damages and diseases do they bring to the household?

The damage brought by rodents can be severe. Rodents can literally eat away at the structure of the home by chewing electric cables which can cause fire. Regarding diseases, rodents carry fleas and parasites, and during the Middle Ages were the primary facilitation of the plague. Getting rid of rodents in Sydney isn’t easy, so trust the professionals at Safe Home Pest Control to make sure your home is rodent-free!