Bed Bugs Pest Control

What are bed bugs?


Bed Bug Pest Control

Once nearly eradicated, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. These insects are parasites that prefer to exclusively feed on human blood. Thanks to increased travel and strict pesticide limits, bed bugs are making a comeback. Once they infest a location, they are awfully difficult to eradicate and can cause severe illness.

What are their habits?

Bed bugs are parasites, they bite and feed on humans in an attempt to get blood so that they can sustain themselves. This means people often develop blisters and rashes in response to the bites. Because bed bugs feed on blood, they, like fleas, can pass blood-borne pathogens between people.

What is their life cycle?

Bed bug infestation happens quickly as adult female bed bugs lay at least 5 eggs per day. Bed bugs live up to 10 months, meaning that hundreds of eggs can be laid during the life of a single female. This makes infestations especially difficult to control once bed bugs have found a host.

What damages and diseases do they bring to the household?

Bed bugs have the ability cause severe fever and head ache, allergies, nausea and any other viruses between people. Because of this, it is especially important to prevent the invasion of bed bugs in your house.  To learn more about preventing bed bugs, contact Safe Home Pest control today!