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Safe Home Pest Control head office is located in Parramatta, we provide Professional Pest Management Solutions for your home or business by providing you a safe, healthy and pest free environment.

Who wants a nasty surprise when they go to the pantry, the wardrobe, worse still when you go to bed? What about when you get the mail from the letter box? How about those silent and cruel termites which destroy and eat through your valuable property without you even knowing about them…>>> Continue Reading

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Termites And Their Habits.

Termites spend their time feeding voraciously on timber. They are divided into workers and soldiers, and the only… >>> Continue Reading

Fleas And Their Habits..

Fleas are relatively straightforward. Their goal is simply to find a host and literally suck the blood out of the… >>> Continue Reading

Silverfish And Their Habits.

Silverfish slither along walls and are nocturnal, so it’s normal to see the damage to pages in books or other… >>> Continue Reading

Cockroaches And Their Habits.

Cockroaches are foul, disgusting insects that feed omnivorously and nocturnally. If there’s any… >>> Continue Reading

Wasps And Their Habits.

Wasps will literally build their nests everywhere and anywhere. They are incredibly protective of their nests and… >>> Continue Reading

Ticks And Their Habits.

Ticks, similar to fleas, are parasites that feed on the blood of living hosts. The most famous type of tick is the… >>> Continue Reading

Ants And Their Habits..

Ants are divided into size classes, and as stated above, are diligent workers. The goal of ants is building the colony… >>> Continue Reading

Rodents And Their Habits.

Rodents, especially mice and rats, are nocturnal. They have exceptional senses of smell and are extremely… >>> Continue Reading

Bed Bugs And Their Habits.

Bed bugs are parasites, they bite and feed on humans in an attempt to get blood so that they can sustain… >>> Continue Reading

Spiders And Their Habits.

Most spiders serve the purpose of controlling the smaller insect population, however the red back spider… >>> Continue Reading

Birds And Their Habits.

Birds are especially keen to live near good sources of food and water. If your home allows them proper shelter… >>> Continue Reading

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